Thursday, March 13, 2008

Short Day and Hired

Today was a short day. Dale took Perry and me to the Flying J this morning to eat breakfast after we fueled up the truck.

After breakfast we hit the highway for some highway driving. Each of us drove for an hour and a half, Perry drove first and I drove second. It went pretty well, seems now that Perry has his license he is much more confident which is nice. I was actually able to take a nap in the sleeper while he drove and only got woke up once when he had to quick stop due to traffic. After he drove I picked it up and drove us back to the campus.

After that we ran a few serpentine runs around the lot then packed it up at 1:00pm. I had an interview at Raider Express and Perry had an interview at Central Refrigerated.

After I left I headed home to take a shower and change then headed over to Ft. Worth to the Raider Express offices for my interview.

Happily it went very well, I go for my drug test tomorrow (which I'll have no problem passing), once that is done I'll attended orientation on Monday and head out with my trainer on Tuesday or the Monday after Easter. Just depends on how it works out.

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