Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ice Road Trucker

Well if anyone has been watching the news or the weather, then they'll know that Texas and Oklahoma are getting a rare March winter storm.

Temperatures started dropping yesterday afternoon and were in the 40's this morning when the rain started about 7:00am. By noon the temperature in DFW was 35 degrees and the rain was mixed with sleet and snow. By now (4:45pm) it is mostly sleet and snow and 31 degrees. However, this did not deter us from driving today, yea!

And I'm seriously happy about it, we took a nice LONG drive today, 100 miles each and all of it on the highway and service roads that were building up with snow and ice.

Suffice to say I lived, and did quite well. Especially since I can drive in the stuff anyways from driving all over the country over the years. Perry had more difficulty than I did, but since I was out yesterday and he has ten hours of one-on-one training he was MUCH MUCH MUCH better today than he's been in the past. Perhaps it is finally clicking.

Dale told me that if I didn't want to come in tomorrow I didn't have to, I'm ready to take the CDL test and should pass it with 100%. Depending on how bad it actually get's I'll be going anyways because any driving I can get in will only make me better.

Be safe out there ...

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