Monday, March 17, 2008

Day 1, Orientation

Got up early this morning so I could be at Raider at least 15 minutes early for orientation. Traffic wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting driving into downtown Ft. Worth and got there about a half hour early.

Once I got there I hung out outside smoking and talking with other drivers who were about to head out for their runs. Everyone was very upfront about how things are there. Guys said that money was good, freight was plentiful and if you want to run hard you can and make good money. Even guys who take their time seem to be running about 3100 a week and the average length of haul is about 800 miles. Since 99% of work is drop/hook time flies and there is very little retention.

Orientation started right on time with Andy and went by pretty quick on the first part which covered doing a ton of paperwork including company policies, tax forms, contracts and all that jazz. Then afterwards he talked about the pay scale, and specifically my pay. Bonus programs (which are achievable and not just a scam) as well as benefits and more.

After that, Dustin came in and talked about company procedures such as dealing with their shippers and receivers, client specific procedures and qualcomm and reefer operations.

Once that was all done, I sat around a bit and waited for HR and Safety to finish going over my paperwork and such. I was assigned my trainer and given his phone number and told he would call me later today to let me know what time to meet him tomorrow to get started.

I'm all packed and ready to go, and everything starts tomorrow. Stay tuned if you dare :)

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