Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 5 & 6, Homeward Bound

Well we got up early and made our appointment time in Greeley, CO and it looked like it was going to be a good day. Man were we wrong :( They got us up to the dock just as soon as we got there and started to load us about an hour later. However, at noon they told us to close up the truck and they would be back with us, then they all promptly went to lunch! After sitting there a while they got back and asked us to open it back up and then proceeded to unload us ... Apparently the first time around they put the wrong load on our trailer and didn't even bother to tell us till 2pm local time, four hours after we arrived.

Finally at 6pm local time they had the correct load on the truck and we headed out. Since we were already six hours behind and wanted to get into Texas before midnight, Tom hit the rack and I drove till 11pm. We swapped spots in Eads, CO and he drove till the wee hours of the morning ... and then some. I got up at 8am and we stopped in Quanah, TX and swapped again and I floored it down US287 to get us to Ft. Worth.

Once we got in the yard we discussed it and decided we'd take 24 hours at home (where I am now) and go ahead and carry the load down to La Porte, TX in the afternoon and be there for the delivery at 9:00am on Monday morning.

Dispatch is working on getting us a load back to Ft. Worth on Monday afternoon, if not they promised to deadhead us back so he could go to the Doctor with his Mom on Tuesday.

Cya tomorrow!

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spiritwalker said...

Well I guess if it's going to happen it might as well happen and get it over with. Rest easy.