Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day 3, Deliveries and Layovers

Got up early this morning and ate breakfast and continued on to Denver.

(I70 Heading into Denver)

With me continuing to do just about all the driving, we arrived at the consignee about two hours early and ended up having to wait an hour to be able to log in for our appointment.

That wasn't to bad though, because we were early we were forth in line and got our door number very quickly as soon as they started calling trucks. Then the wait began ...

(One of several hundred Gophers living around the Denver DC Yard)

Took them two and a half hours to unload 23 pallets, and man those lumper fees are a scam. That is what I need to do is open a lumper company ... geeze!

After we got cleared and made the MT call, we were told there were no loads leaving Denver going anywhere and we would have to layover till Thursday morning and hope to get a brokered load out as the meat plant up here has nothing going out for some reason or another.

So we are now up there at a truckstop about ten miles outside of Denver for the night. Had a good dinner with another driver who is stuck here with us and hoping to get out tomorrow as well.

So far so good ... see ya tomorrow!

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Too cool!!! I wanna go too!!

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