Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 2, On The Open Road

Today started out pretty crappy, it started raining in Dallas last night and man did it start. By noon we already had three inches of rain and my back yard was flooded.

I was originally supposed to meet my trainer at the yard, but he ended up having to do a local run early and he told me he would call when he got to Irving to do a pickup. Once he called I met him at the Quaker distribution center and unloaded my car, kissed my wife goodbye and joined him in the truck.

Tom's a pretty good ol' boy, a redneck just like me ... we should get along just fine.

After joining him we drove over to the yard so he could unload his stuff into the truck and we took off with me driving ... lol.

Heading to Denver with stops for fuel. Those folks gotta get their gatoraide :) I'm sitting in Boise City, OK right now and about to take my 10 hour break. More tomorrow.

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