Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 8, End of the Road

Well, after sleeping in that hole in the wall truck stop in La Porte last night, we got up at about 7:30am to head over to the receiver.

After driving up and down the street like three times we finally figured out that they gave us the wrong address and finally found it.

P&G Cold Storage is just like any other icebox except that this one seemed even colder than others, it was -28 degrees on the dock... talk about excessive electric bill... ugh!

After unloading, we put in our MT call and proceeded to leave, we got a block down the street and the Qualcomm went off and we had a load ... yea! no dead head back to Ft. Worth. But now we have to turn around, our pickup is back where we dropped off ... lol. That doesn't happen much but this was a blessing.

After getting back we drop the trailer for them to load and head out for breakfast at the same truck stop we spent the night at. It is only a half mile away and wasn't to bad. Will have to remember that truck stop if I have to come back down there again.

We got back to the shipper and the trailer was ready for us, I signed it out, hooked up and hit the road.

The trip back to Ft. Worth was very uneventful except for the traffic coming out of Houston.

We got back to the yard and T-Called the load and headed home about 6:00pm. And we'll get back at it on Wednesday after 48 hours off. That is assuming that Tom is able to take care of his mom in that time. I'd really hate to have to get another trainer, he is just too cool.

Granted, I do everything, but then again that is the way it should be. He's evaluating me and helping me get to know the company, I won't learn anything if he does it all.

For the 1st week of running I ran 2,157 miles. I probably could have broke 3,000 if we hadn't been laid over in Denver for 48 hours.

Cya Wednesday!

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spiritwalker said...

Good that your trip to Houston was uneventful since you had such a time in Denver. We are rooting for you that this is what you are supposed to be doing. Seem to be having a good time. Will check back in a few days and see whats up.