Friday, March 7, 2008

Ready to Roll

Well, today was a pretty simple day and what is pretty much becoming the norm. Backing practice this morning doing 45's. Then we headed over to the main campus on our way out to the testing area and ate lunch.

Got treated to a visit by the Swift recruiter who was visiting the main campuses students during lunch so we hung out and listened to him while we ate. Good spiel even though I know most of it was bullshit.

After lunch we headed down to the DPS testing area and ran the route a few times each then headed back to our campus and went over the Airbrakes skills test a few times.

Perry is finally starting to come around it seems, he still has problems and will probably pass the test but he really needs to get on his "A" game. He needs to work on multi-tasking while driving. He seems to really only be able to do one thing at a time. That and he's not very agressive and you really need to be to do this job affectively.

Weekend is here and we test next Wednesday afternoon, I'm ready to roll.

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