Monday, March 10, 2008

Fine Tuning

Today was a pretty easy day, but very informative.

This morning we continued to practice our backing skills for the DPS skills test on Wednesday afternoon, and this afternoon we went driving.

I've got the parallel parking down now to a science, I can even pull up from my straight line back and complete the parallel parking maneuver for the test without touching the brakes or doing a pull-up. My 45's and 90's are looking real good to, however with the confined space we are required to do the turns in for those, I do a few to many pull-ups for my own liking.

Today's road driving consisted of going over to the East Dallas industrial district by the UP Intermodal Terminal and driving around the two lane roads around the warehouse district and practicing sharp left and right hand turns. We even did a few dock maneuvers at closed or abandoned warehouses. Very informative and a ton of fun.

We also tacked heavy highway traffic driving as well. I drove from the campus through the mix master canyon on I30 which is under construction and is always practically bumper-to-bumper. Moving through that stuff really puts the work on and gets you to paying attention to your surroundings.

Dale yet again stated I was 100% ready for my test in two days and if I got anything less than a 100 on the test he would be surprised.

Perry is on his way as well, he's still hesitant in his driving and needs constant coaching on his driving, but he should pass the test if he just relaxes. As I've said before his biggest downfall is he isn't aggressive enough.

On another note, spoke with my recruiter today and everything is good to go for me to report for work next week baring any problems. Due to my location I'll be skipping the main company orientation till after my eight weeks OJT. I'll do a half day of paperwork at the terminal in Wilmer then I'll be off.

One thing she did note is that she is trying very hard to find me a Wilmer based driver so I can get regular home time along with my trainer, no guarantees of course but she is trying.

Till tomorrow ...

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