Friday, March 14, 2008

Done, thank God!

Today was a great day on several fronts.

Went into class this morning expecting more of the same stuff but we had a trucking rodeo. Which included straight line, 45 and 90 degree backing, parallel parking and serpentine runs.

Was a ton of fun, the score: Perry 10, Michael 140. LOL. Perry did have 100pts but he busted all his points on 45 & 90's. Totally seems he forgot how to park. Oh well, it's over and I'm glad.

After the rodeo we headed over to the main campus to 'graduate'. Which included filling out some final paperwork including a satisfaction survey. I was pretty satisfied with the course, very happy with Dale but unhappy with the way things kind of ran at times. Otherwise it was a good experience.

Once it was all said and done I started to head home, but heard from Raider Express, they finished my application processing and wanted me to take my DOT drug screen. So I headed over there and picked up the paperwork for that and went and filled the cup. Afterwards they told me to report for orientation on Monday at 8:00am sharp. Once that was done I could start with my trainer anytime I was ready.

Think I'm actually going to wait till next Monday after Easter to start with my OTR training. That way I can speed spring break with my wife before heading out. I won't be out for two months solid like I planned for previously with Crete, but I should only be gone a week at a time. I'll be taking hometime when my trainer does which is every 5-7 days and usually a max of ten.

I'm excited about starting with Raider Express, should be fun. From what I've seen so far and heard from talking to drivers and folks who work there (and not just the recruiters who are actually cool and not trying to sell the company to drivers) the place is a great place to be and everyone knows your name and you are part of the family instead of just an employee.

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