Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 4, Layover

Well unfortunately we ended up getting laid over for the whole day along with about twenty other Raider drivers up here in Denver, and it turned into a 34hr reset.

(Tomahawk Truckstop in Watkins, CO)

It wasn't that bad of a day really, just slow and somewhat boring at times. One thing we did today since we had the time is take the truck over to the TA Service Center to have the fuel filters looked at. Since we started on Tuesday the fuel mileage has been horrible and the truck has been very sluggish.

We were correct, one of the filters was bad so the other one was picking up all the slack, so they replaced both of them and now the truck is running much better. Hopefully once we get going tomorrow morning our mileage will be better than 5.2 mpg.

(Snowstorm clouds on the horizon coming into Denver)

Around 8pm we finally got our load assignment, we will be heading up to Greeley to pickup a load going to La Porte, TX which is due on Monday.

However, we are planning on only taking the load to Ft. Worth, TX and seeing if we can T-Call it and pickup something else that will get us back into Ft. Worth on Monday so Tom can handle some family business that came up. If not, we can always try and get a D/H back to the Yard or a backhaul of somekind.

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