Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 15, Stuck Again

Well, just like last time we got stuck in Denver for a full 24 hours. And it sucks!

After making about five calls to dispatch to hound them about getting out of here and on the road proved pretty pointless.

Around 3pm we decided to bob-tail to Wal-Mart to pickup some supplies so we could keep from eating in restaurants and save money in the process.

However, once we actually got unhooked and started pulling away when dispatch called us with a load. Unfortunately, it doesn't pick up till 11am on Tuesday. So that will just about make a 34 hour reset but not quite.

This load is another one going to La Porte, Texas, which we already know from previous experience that it will be another 44,000 pound load of beef hearts going to Egypt. I sure would like to know what they do with those things.


spiritwalker said...

Well at least you missed the weather here. We had really high winds and lots of rain. Some areas saw twisters. Hope you are well on your way. You sure you want to keep doing this?

Texas Mike said...

Yea, I heard about the weather. My RACES pager was going off pretty regularly kinda wish I was there. Gonna miss storm chasing.

Yep, definately want to keep this up, I love to complain but is still alot of fun.