Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well, got up bright and early today to head out to the orientation and such for school. And let me tell you, I was semi-prepared to be bored out of my skull and I didn't disappoint myself.

The actual orientation, where we filled out paperwork (some we had filled out already once before O.0). Met the instructors and got a tour of the facility and got the course outline and study materials went pretty fast. I guess maybe about an hour once we got going.

After that it was off to DOT for our physicals and drug screen. This is where the boredom set in. I got there at 2pm, did my paperwork for them and then had to wait. An hour and forty-five minutes later they called me in and I took my drug test (fill to this line don't touch nothing but the cup, at least they didn't stand over me) then sent me back to the waiting room to wait to see the doctor.

Three hours later ... I got called in for the physical. Got my vitals taken, took my vision tests and then was sent back to the waiting room again! ... ugh.

An hour later they called me back and put me in a room and said the doctor would be right with me (yea ... right). After forty minutes the doctor came in and spent about five minutes with me doing all the groping he could handle and then said, "ok, wait out in the waiting room they'll call you in a few minutes to give you your paperwork."

Well low and behold I barely got my cigarette smoked outside when they called me and gave me my long form and DOT card. That was the only short wait I had all day.

Now I'm back home and cracking the study book, we are supposed to go down next Wednesday to DOT and take all seven tests (hazmat is not included yet). Talk about a lot to absorb in a week.

One thing to note is I was informed correctly about the class sizes at the school. There are only going to be six of us in this class, and there are three instructors. I like that ratio :)

I'm sure we'll chat again :)

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