Friday, February 22, 2008

Long and BORING today

And I do mean BORING, I was so bored I took my laptop with me so I could surf the net during the morning session.

This morning, the entire session was related to going over just about everything regarding passing the CDL written tests for my classmate. Then at lunch he cut him loose to go down to the DMV to retake his tests. (If you remember he failed 6 of the 7 tests he needs to be able to start actual driving training with the school.)

Today was supposed to be a hands on introduction to the truck we were going to be using, but that ended up being a bust. After he left it was just me and the instructor and he wasn't feeling well.

So, I was sent to the main campus to work with another instructor for the afternoon, and what did I get to do? Do you dare ask?

Backing excercises for four hours ... lol.

Actually, that part was pretty fun. I've got straight line down, 45 isn't to bad. I'm gonna wreck that truck doing parallel I just know it.

Oh well, got a few days off now so I'm gonna take it easy. Probably head down to the truck stop tomorrow evening down by the Crete terminal and listen to the whiners who couldn't get a load for the weekend.

Cya folks on monday.

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