Thursday, February 21, 2008

Get there and be legal

Today was very boring, but extremely informative. We covered mapping and trip planning, and daily logging.

I've been using road maps all my life, so mapping and planning was a breeze. And the test we were given was so simple it nearly put me to sleep. However, again the other student in my class just couldn't grasp it. I'm not really sure how a man nearly fifty years old cannot read a map. Especially one as easy to use as the Rand McNally Trucker's Atlas.

All the questions were on routes in Texas, with one that ended in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. All the questions and planning took me about an hour to complete. But took him about four hours, and even afterwards when we went over it he was way off in just about everything.

I'm not trying to knock him to hard, but we are going to have to continue to go over everything more tomorrow for a while before he goes back to the DMV and tries to pass his tests again.

Logging was much easier than I thought it would be once the rules were explained to me correctly. The 10/11/14 and 34 hour reset system is simple, just have to know where stuff goes. Couldn't be any simpler in my opinion. But yet again, it took him most of the afternoon after lunch to get in half way to getting his "test" logs completed. Once I got the test in front of me, took me about an hour to write out the four days of logging that was the test.

Maybe it's just me. Granted I have a pretty decent education and have a very logical working mind, and I've spent plenty of time chatting with him so I know he's got a brain. Guess some folks just don't get stuff.

I really do hope he can get his tests past tomorrow, I'd hate to have to do the next three weeks alone in the driving training part of the course.

But then again, if I am alone, talk about one on one training. I'll put some miles on that truck ... lol.

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