Saturday, April 2, 2016

Heading Out

Well, things are in train. I got my rental car early this morning and got it loaded up with my junk. Going to finish lunch and head up to Little Rock. The weather is beautiful and it could not be better for a nice easy drive up I-30. I got asked why I rented a car to go up to Little Rock. Well, I hate Greyhound. I used to ride them quite a bit when I was in the Military and I couldn't stand it then. I can't imagine now at my age that I would like it any more than I did back then. Additionally, Maverick is reimbursing me the cost of the bus fare to get there to use to pay for my rental. After all is said and done, the cost of the original ticket pays 99% of the rental car price and gas. A good trade-off in my opinion. And not to mention it will take me five hours to drive there as opposed to the nine hours I'd have to spend on the bus.

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