Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Why Maverick?

Been getting some questions lately about why I chose to go to Maverick, which is generally considered a starter company, as opposed to a better outfit since I have many years of OTR experience. And that their CEO is a former chairman of the ATA, which has proven repeatedly that their goals are to suppress driver wages, benefits, and protections while increasing driver oversight and micro-management. Couple of reasons actually. First and foremost is their training center, which is considered one of the best, and I'd like to learn proper securement techniques. Most flatbed companies I approached wanted me to ride with a trainer for anywhere from 3-8 weeks even though I have eight years over the road experience. Sorry, but I'm not a noob and do not need that kind of hand holding or training. Second was money. The mileage pay I am going to get starting out is the same as I'm currently making, if not a bit more. They are also going to pay me very well for orientation and training, $1000 a week. Nearly every other company wanted to start me out .05-.06 less per mile and only pay me $300-$500 per week to train. One actually told me I'd get $300 per week period for six weeks then get my own truck, I think not. Additionally, I know quite a few drivers at Maverick and all seem happy. Sure they are a starter company, but then again nearly every company is to some extent. I'll get my training and hang out and do my job like I'm supposed to. If Maverick turns out to be a horrible place to work, then I'll go someplace else. That simple and I will get valuable experience. Worse comes to worse, I can buy my own truck and go back to being an O/O again. I have good credit and did well last time. No reason I can't do that again. It's a job, and I need those skills, good a place as any.

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