Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Melissa's Ride

As I stated previously Melissa came along for a trip, a short one, but a pretty decent one.

After we left the hotel in Dumas, Texas we ran up to Cactus, Texas and picked up our load. It was going to be a good trip and we were going to be able to take our time as it wasn't due till Monday morning in Sioux City, Iowa.

Out trip took us through the Oklahoma Panhandle into Kansas, and we spent the night in Dodge City, Kansas.

I have found out Melissa doesn't like the smell of cattle yards :)

The next morning we took off and headed up through Kansas into Nebraska and stopped in York, Nebraska for a few hours to shower and eat.

Once we were finished in York we ran up to Sioux City and then camped out at a rest area about five miles from the receiver till the delivery time.

Delivery went pretty smoothly and we were able to pickup another load going back to Fort Worth just a few miles away at Sara Lee.

The trip back to Fort Worth took us through Nebraska, Kansas and into Oklahoma again. It was pretty uneventful actually. However, I will note that it rained pretty much all the time once we left Dodge City till we crossed the border into Texas on Tuesday.

Frankie seemed to enjoy the trip though as usual when he comes he just sits and broods as there is nothing for him to really do other than sleep. Usually he plays a bit, but we forgot to bring toys for him.

The trip was short and sweet, not a lot of miles but a good five day stretch for the two of us. And it was time well spent together.

In five days Melissa crossed five states, Texas, Oklahoma (twice), Kansas (Twice), Nebraska, (Twice) and Iowa for a total of 1880 Miles.

She'll probably come out again when she has more time and no pressed schedule.

I'm heading out to Denver tonight, will post again in a few days.

[Miles Driven Since Last Post: 1483]

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