Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ryan the Trucker

As I said in my last post, my son Ryan wanted to come along with me for a while on the road.
Now that he's been on the road with me a week, he says he wants to go again sometime this summer. According to him he's had a great time. Not sure if the trip alone is his motivation for saying this, or because he got to spend a week alone with me with no one else competing for my attention.
Ryan hopped on board Friday afternoon and we headed up to Amarillo, Texas to unload at the Affiliated Foods DC then run up to Cactus, Texas to pickup a load of beef.
Unfortunately, once we got to Amarillo we found out our load wasn't ready so we spent the night at the TA, and Ryan got to see his first lot lizard. And man was she a looker ... NOT! This one looked like she got ran over by a fully loaded overweight semi ... ughhh....
The next day after we got loaded we headed for Claryville, Kentucky a nice long trip across several states which Ryan was thrilled about. He's been to Colorado on one mission trip when he was 12, and he never payed attention to anything back then, now he was just soaking up the scenery.
It took us two days to get to Sara Lee in Claryville and then we headed up to flood ravaged Indianapolis, Indiana to pickup a load heading back to Texas.
I tell you, that state and the states around it are a mess. The farms are flooded, and you can just see how much rain they have had when you drive over the small creeks and they have turned into raging rivers. It is insane. The day before we got to Indianapolis, they received ten inches (yes 10!) in just seven hours. So much so they closed over a one hundred mile stretch of I-70. It was crazy.
After loading at ConAgra we made our way back to Texas. For Ryan it was a quick and fun seven days on the road.
We talked alot and I showed him a ton of things on the road. It is a trip he will remember forever (hopefully).
I know this was a short post, but sometimes you just can't describe everything that goes on.
In all, Ryan crossed eight states in seven days. Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. And saw some great sights including, downtown Indianapolis, the St. Louis Arch. The Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio rivers. Not to mention tons of animals in the fields, and more road kill deer than you can shake a stick at.
[Miles Driven Since Last Post: 2729]

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spiritwalker said...

So glad that Ryan had a good time. Seeing the world should be a must for every kid. They get too wrapped up in their own little world and need to there is more to life that just their little town. Hope he will take the opportunity to go another road trip later this summer.